Supporting children and young people with diabetes 

09/09/2013 00:00 
Parents of children and young people with type 1 diabetes can now find expert information and advice on a new section of the UCLH website.

Click here to see the new site.

Growing up with diabetes isn’t easy, but our children and young people’s type 1 diabetes team are on a mission to ensure that it doesn’t have to stop children and young people from living life to the full.  

Rebecca Thompson, consultant nurse says: “Growing up with diabetes means that navigating life’s firsts – like first day at school, first school trip abroad or first sleepover – have an extra layer of complexity, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Our service aims to provide safe, effective management of diabetes that enables children and young people to get on with their lives."

As well as treating patients, a large part of the team’s role is working with families, carers and schools about how diabetes can be safely managed. 

This expert advice is now available, with lots more in a ‘all you need to know’ about diabetes in a new mini site within the UCLH website.

Rebecca says, “The new site brings together information about children and young people’s diabetes together, in one place, from a credible source.  There is something for everyone  – from ‘how to’ video guides which demonstrate how to do insulin injection to the latest apps available to help manage diet choices, to how to get involved in the latest research studies – it’s all there.  We asked our patients’ parents about what was already available and what the gaps were.  Our aim was to fill them and become the place that people go to if they want to know about type 1 diabetes”.

The site has been tested using a facebook group used by parents of people with children and young people and the response was overwhelmingly positive with 96% rating it good/excellent.  “By developing interactive tools, like a blog, news update and an events calendar, we hope people will come back again and again”.

This service is being used as a pilot to test the value of developing expert information and advice for specific conditions within the UCLH website.  Evaluation measures – like the number of visitors to the site and increased referrals to the service – will be monitored closely to see if sites can be developed for other conditions.


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