UCLH staff centre stage at Olympics opening ceremony 

30/07/2012 00:00 

Surgeons, anaesthetists, cardiac nurses, health care assistants, dental consultants, supervisors and managers from UCLH were among the stars of the show during Friday’s Olympics opening ceremony.

UCLH staff and other members of the cast

Around 50 representatives from the Trust served the NHS proud during director Danny Boyle’s show-to-end-all-shows which was viewed by billions of people across the world.

They had spent endless hours rehearsing for the show, the details of which were kept a closely guarded secret for months in advance.

But with the eyes of the world on them at 9pm on Friday night, the UCLH crew did not disappoint with their stunning tribute to the NHS.

Tiago Bravo, a health care assistant on the acute medical unit, said: “How can I start!? The experience of being in a stadium full of people applauding you and of being watched by four billion people around the world is something that’s hard to explain.

“It was very hard work rehearsing for four months, sometimes for whole weekends in the rain. But it was worth every moment. The atmosphere we created was very special.

“It was a privilege to be there and an honour to represent the NHS because it is one of the most beautiful institutions in the country.”

Betsy Lau-Robinson, the Trust’s lead for safeguarding adults and a senior nurse, took part in a press conference for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games which was featured on the BBC News Channel.

She described it as a ‘magical occasion’. “When we first started to audition, most of us had two left feet but by the end of it my children said that they had no idea I could dance like that. They thought a lot of us were professionals but we are nurses and doctors whose everyday activity is to look after patients and we are very proud of that.”

Her comments were also featured in the Observer newspaper the following day.

Mawgen Baber, contracts manager, said: “It was amazing, a real buzz – worth all those long hard rehearsals in the rain!”

Lisa Sadler, sister for the acute medical unit, said the four months of rehearsals were worth it for the ‘amazing experience’.

She added: “It was quite surreal knowing that many people were watching.”


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