Welcome packs warmly received 

03/10/2013 00:00 
If patient feedback on our new welcome packs is anything to go by, we’re off to a flying start ...

“ It was warmly received by the ladies in my part of the ward. Made us feel like we were on first class BA!”
Welcome pack 

 “……A really lovely idea. It’s helpful to know who everyone is by their uniform. Great ward with great staff. Thanks for helping me get better so quickly.”UCLH introduced welcome packs for patients admitted to hospital at the beginning of August.  The packs include an information booklet which is an ‘all you need to know’ about life on the ward, plus items patients told us would improve their hospital stay – like eye masks and ear plugs to aid sleep and paper and pens to write down questions.  It’s now a couple of months in, and with patients receiving packs across our hospitals, we can begin to see the impact they are having on the patient experience.

“The welcome packs were designed to improve patients’ safety and comfort, address some of the areas we know that we can improve upon and ensure that patients always know how they can raise concerns” explains Paul Couzens, who works on the Trust’s campaign to improve the patient experience.  

“The welcome package is very thoughtful and very helpful. It certainly made me feel more welcome and comfortable and shows that patient satisfaction and safety is high on the agenda at UCLH.”It’s early days, but the data collected so far would suggest that the welcome packs are having a positive impact on the patient experience.  Paul added, “There’s been a 20% improvement in patients reporting that they have received information on how to complain.  Also, the new ‘call for concern’ line, launched with the welcome pack, received two calls in August relating to incidents ‘out of hours’.  They were able to be resolved quickly and efficiently - one query could have resulted in the cancellation of surgery.  It’s part of creating a responsive culture where we address the small things before they become big problems”.

The general feedback about the packs speaks for itself – the quotes relate to comments gathered in the last few weeks.  Feedback will continue to be monitored to ensure the packs continue to help improve the patient experience.  Versions for paediatrics and maternity services will be launched in the next couple of months. 

The packs are funded by UCLH charity and are put together by a charity called Giving World, which supports adults with learning difficulties to gain work skills.


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