Art exhibition creates a real buzz 

30/01/2013 00:00 

Walks through London parks and gardens and the uplifting emotions conjured by flowers are the inspiration for an exhibition in the UCH Street Gallery.

Art exhibition creates a real buzz

‘The Bee Keepers’ a collection of flower portraits by Andie Scott, is being displayed in the gallery until March 13.

The flower portraits are filled with vibrant colour because they aspire to attract the viewer just as in life they display themselves to entice bees and other insects. The pure pigments used on the linen backgrounds sometimes reach an intensity brighter than the flowers themselves in which Scott tries to capture the atmosphere surrounding them: vivid lime greens of the white sunlight in mid-summer or soft pastels of hazy frost-filled mornings.

Andie said: "These flowers uplift our spirits, seducing our senses through colour, form, smell, location and season. Flowers surround our memories so that they conjure past moments of our lives. My earliest memory of a flower is a vermilion red tulip, tight lipped in a vase on the dining room table. I was too impatient to wait for it to open so I prized the petals apart and peered inside. The intense yellow with the black insect-like stamen and premature pollen covering my fingers shocked me."

"My walks through Regents Park, Highgate, Primrose Hill and my local community gardens (Culpeper and Olden gardens) are the inspiration for this exhibition as well as the amazing experiences of working in Cornwall at The Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan."

Recently Scott has explored the tactile quality of oil paint capturing the textural richness of fruits in autumn. The blossom series of paintings are still evolving, and Scott strives to express the fragility of nature in an urban setting, the transience of life and always the need to feed our London Bees to maintain this abundant pleasure.

Andie Scott exhibits internationally with shows in London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York. Her interest in flowers led her to study plant nomenclature and horticulture at Capel Manor in 2010 (RHS level 2). Although her study was interrupted by breast cancer surgery she was awarded a special bursary by the Royal Horticultural Society to gain practical experience at The Eden Project and Lost Gardens of Heligan. This study trip and her passion for London parks and community gardens are the inspiration for this exhibition.

If you would like to purchase an art work contact: Guy Noble, Arts Curator,

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