Cancer survivor on a mission to inspire others 

18/09/2014 00:00 
A cancer patient is inspiring others to live life to the full with his on-line travelogue charting his adventures around the world. “It’s thanks to the amazing staff at UCLH,” says Greig Trout.
Cancer survivor Greig Trout 

“I’m a double cancer survivor who has one kidney, a missing piece of bowel and deep vein thrombosis and am proof that you can enjoy a full and happy life after cancer. My consultant, the Haematology team and the ward sister on T9 are heroes – absolutely amazing.  University College Hospital has a wonderful vibe and the people who work there are unbelievable.”

Greig, a former crime scene investigator with the Met Police, began his self-funded trips last May when he joined a voyage with Rayleigh International. Since then he has tangoed in Buenos Aries, hiked through Chile, heard water thunder down the Iguazu falls, seen the glaciers and crossed the finishing line during a charity bike ride in Connecticut, to name just a few highlights. He has hospital check-ups en route and his blood test results are sent to University College Hospital  for review.

Following successful surgery and chemotherapy for colorectal cancer, Greig launched ‘101 Things To Do When You Survive’, a website about his travels which aims to inspire cancer sufferers to believe they can recover and live a fulfilling life. His Facebook page has thousands of followers.

On his website he writes: “When I was in hospital after my operation with the thought of chemo and worst case scenario ‘death’, my thoughts were not of all I had achieved at work or the nice apartment I live in. They were of the places I had visited and of the experiences I had had.”

He is now preparing to set off for the final leg of his travels across China aboard the trans-Siberian railway.

Greig, who undergoes regular checkups, survived childhood cancer but the disease recurred when he was 30 and the diagnosis left him feeling stressed and anxious.

He added: “Since planning this venture my anxiety has reduced significantly, I sleep well and don’t think about cancer every moment of every day anymore. I want to show people that having goals and doing something you want to do is another way of beating the emotional effects of cancer.

“What I want to do more than anything else is to try to help others get through it too.”

Karen Anderson, deputy ward sister T9, said she had followed Greig’s progress over the past few years – ever since he came on her ward following surgery.  She added: “I am full of admiration for the way he is embracing life and am sure he will inspire others to do the same – I wish him happy travels!”

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