UCLH featured on BBC Horizon 

21/03/2013 00:00 

BBC Horizon this week featured, UCLH consultant anaesthetist Kevin Fong who examined the lessons medicine can learn from other industries like the fire service, aviation and Formula 1 to avoid catastrophic mistakes. 
Kevin Fong

The programme ‘How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery’ looks at how the University College Hospital Education Centre is leading the way in simulation training for clinicians of the future.
Kevin relates this to the training delivered for pilots in flight simulators and for firefighters at the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire. He also examines the teamwork which takes place in the Formula 1 pit lane to ensure drivers have a safe and speedy departure.
He asks: “Is there anything we can do to better prepare ourselves and in those catastrophic moments, give ourselves a fighting chance?”
Kevin speaks to Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, the US Airways pilot who was able to land his plane safely in the River Hudson after losing both of his engines. Thanks to his training, Sully was able to follow a set of recognised protocols and preserve the lives of every single passenger on his flight.
Simulation centres like the one at University College Hospital, mean the health service is finally starting to catch up with other industries when it comes to arming clinicians with the tools they need to respond in a crisis.
The introduction of the World Health Organization’s surgical safety checklist across the NHS has helped theatre teams reduce the number of mistakes. It is based on a similar model used by pilots during take off.
Kevin adds: “Human error is always going to be with us; it’s how we deal with it that really matters.”
BBC Horizon: How to Avoid Making Mistakes in Surgery is on BBC 2 tonight (March 21) at 9pm.


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