War reporter praises UCLH as he wins own leg battle 

02/03/2016 00:00 
The war reporter and author Ed Vulliamy has told how a UCLH consultant saved his leg after he suffered a serious injury.

Writing in The Observer, Ed recounts his long journey recovering from a limb-threatening fracture to his left leg after falling from a wall.

After being rushed to UCLH on the night of his accident, Ed was placed under the care of orthopaedic consultant James Youngman, who continued to treat him over the course of the next two years.

James used the Ilzarov method of bone-healing which was used to repair Ed’s leg. This method uses an external frame which actively lengthens and stretches the leg daily; Ed endured this treatment alongside a course of ten operations.

Speaking to Inside Story, Ed said: “The UCH staff were fantastic – from the registrar who pulled no punches when I was recovering from my first operation, to the brilliant and passionate James Youngman, who is the best of the best, to the wonderful Maureen Williamson who runs the orthopaedic outpatients’ department.”

Ed praised the teamwork between UCH and the Royal Free Hospital, where he also received treatment: “The teams at both hospitals understood each other, and they were very generous in the way they worked with each other. Their teamwork was crucial to my recovery.”

After a gruelling course of operations and leg-strengthening sessions, Ed is now able to walk with a stick.

James said: “Ed presented one of my most interesting trauma challenges. With perseverance and careful attention to detail we were able to get his fractures to unite. Considering the severity of his initial injury, Ed’s ability to walk again on his own leg can be counted as a remarkable success.”


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