Education Centre celebrates four successful years 

05/10/2012 00:00 

NHS staff, soldiers and head teachers are among the thousands of people who have undergone innovative training at the UCH Education Centre since it opened four years ago – and even busier times are ahead. 

Some of the Education Centre staff (old and new) with colleagues who regularly book rooms and use the UCH Education Centre services.

The centre – which celebrates its fourth birthday this autumn – is expecting to play host to around 20,000 delegates this year, many of whom will be UCLH staff.
Where can you watch surgeons operating live whilst sitting in a comfortable chair drinking tea? Where can your team learn to work more effectively under pressure or perfect their clinical techniques using robotics? Where can you hold important meetings in comfort? The Learning Hospital and UCH Education Centre is the answer to these questions and more.
The world class facility was first created with the generous financial support of UCH Charity. It aims to improve patient care through inspiring training programmes with a focus on simulation training. The sophisticated audio and video system installed throughout the conference centre and the highly realistic simulated hospital environment in The Learning Hospital were well ahead of their field at the time and are now an important feature of education at UCLH
Steve Andrews, Director of Education Programmes who helped create the Education Centre, said: “The centre has tested new learning methodologies and has been keen to test new relationships with experts in many areas, including the military.
“Looking ahead, the UCH Education Centre and Learning Hospital is only likely to get busier so we are strengthening the management structure and improving the support we provide to users – from UCLH staff, other healthcare organisations and commercial groups. It’s a fabulous asset for the Trust and we intend to make sure we really maximise all the benefits.”
A range of services are available to Trust staff including support to design and deliver simulation training, media technology support to film and edit training material and colour poster design and printing.
Around 600 UCLH staff a month use the Education Centre – about a quarter of its capacity.
Angie Velinor, lead midwife for education/ supervisor of midwives, who runs training in the Learning Hospital said: “We have been running team based Maternity Skills and Drills training in the Learning hospital since 2009 and have been given incredibly useful advice and support from the outset by the staff there.
“Our staff really enjoy simulation based training and we know that this type of education experience has directly led to an improvement in the safety of our patient’s care.”
Looking ahead, the UCH Education Centre and Learning Hospital is only likely to get busier so the centre’s management is being improved and the support provided for external organisations, commercial and internal centre users is being further developed to ensure all the benefits of this fabulous Trust asset are maximised.


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