Hands up for clean hands 

20/08/2010 00:00 

Staff and patients on paediatric and adolescent wards at UCH were reminded of the importance of hygiene and hand washing through a recent infection control campaign.

Spreading the word: clinical practice facilitators Sue Robbins and Sarah Kipps with children on the ward

Spreading the word: clinical practice facilitators Sue Robbins and Sarah Kipps with children on the ward

Sarah Kipps, clinical practice facilitator from the paediatric division, said: “It was a fantastically fun week with so much for the children and young people to get involved in.

“Hand hygiene is important for staff but raising awareness through child-friendly activities enabled us to educate our patients, their parents and staff alike.”

Wards were decorated with posters and bunting designed by some of the children and there was a week of activities to help engage the patients with the message of how important it is to wash your hands regularly.

The children were invited to leave their finger prints in a petri-dish both before and after washing their hands. A microbiologist brought the petri-dishes back a few days later with the bugs they had transferred to the dish highlighted.

The children also designed their own stickers and every time they saw a member of staff wash their hands they could present them with one of their stickers. Danielle Hickey received the most number of stickers and the children presented her with a prize of a gift voucher to spend on something nice.

Other activities included a colouring competition, a drawing competition to design a bug and a cleaner appreciation day where staff from Interserve were presented with pictures drawn by children staying on the ward.

Sue Robbins, paediatric clinical practice facilitator, said: “Every year there is mandatory hand washing training and this makes it more fun and interesting.

“It is also a perfect way to highlight to the children that they must wash their hands after going to the toilet and the consequences of poor hygiene”.

Infection control is a Trust-wide priority with new Department of Health objectives to reduce MRSA bacteraemia to eight cases or less this year.


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