Ice lollies and patient comfort – at the heart of good ICU medicine 

12/08/2019 00:00 
Patients who are recovering from surgery are being offered refreshing ice lollies to help them feel less thirsty as the first stage in a new initiative aimed at making in-patient comfort a real priority.

Sister Sarah Hewson and Dr Seliat Sanusi, along with Professor David Walker, came up with the idea after being concerned by the results of a national survey which showed that feeling thirsty was a top concern for patients as they recover from major surgery.

The lollipops, known as Pompops, in honour of our perioperative medicine (POM) team who came up with the idea, are the first offering of new ‘comfort rounds’ and are intended to give a refreshing lift to those patients without appetite but who are thirsty.

In addition to the traditional ICU medical-based ward rounds taking place daily, nurses and doctors at Westmoreland Street Hospital will round together and explore what matters to patients, attempting to reduce anxiety, and pain, improve sleep and consider changes to the ward environment and the daily routine. 

David said: “There are aspects of our job we could do better and learning from the work of an air-hostess preparing a traveller for an overnight transatlantic flight might be a good analogy. Fed, watered, bed-comfortable, lights down, ear plugs in and eye-shields on, good book and the occasional glass of something medicinal might be all that is needed to improve the patient journey.

“We may think we do that already, but it’s amazing what you find out when you really ask the patient.

“During the early development stages of introducing the lollipops, catering manager Anna Macejova and head chef Andrew Bayulaiye made a huge contribution by producing a freezer, a great recipe and funds to support the work, so a big thank you to them.”

Sarah added: “These are simple things that represent a great team effort. We really hope it will make a difference to our patients.

“After all, what better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a Pompop?”

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