Neville says 'thanks' for life-changing treatment 

16/06/2011 00:00 

A former patient who underwent extensive surgery to reconstruct his bladder says the treatment transformed his life, after years of silent suffering.

Neville says 'thanks' for life-changing treatment

Jeremy Ockrim, consultant surgeon at UCH, with patient Neville Parnell

To show his appreciation, Neville Parnell has set himself a series of endurance feats to raise tens-of-thousands-of-pounds for the unit which took care of him.

In the past two years he has completed the New York Marathon, two half marathons, the Three Peaks Challenge and a 10-mile canoeing challenge along the River Wye. This year, he plans to run three more marathons, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and canoe from Bath to London. He has recently completed the Paris Marathon in just 3 hours 55 minutes.

Neville, a garage owner from Longwell Green in Bristol, said: “By undertaking these physical challenges, I hope to break the silence surrounding urological disorders. My advice to anybody suffering from any urological problem would be to see a urologist in the first instance. Do not suffer in silence or let your problems curtail your life, no matter how embarrassed you are. There are treatments available that can give you the quality of life you deserve.”

He has already donated £10,000 to the hospital trust via University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Charity to help fund research into urological problems.

Neville, who suffered from an overactive bladder, was referred to Jeremy Ockrim, consultant urological surgeon at University College Hospital (UCH).

He reconstructed Neville’s bladder to increase its size and implanted an artificial sphincter, activated by a pump – which enables him to pass water more easily. A segment of his bowel was used to provide a channel from his abdomen to his bladder, to allow him to insert a catheter when required. He also had Botox injected into his bladder to prevent spasms from occurring.

Neville says 'thanks' for life-changing treatment

The surgery also involved the repair of a large hernia which followed previous unsuccessful operations, and the removal of a 2cm kidney stone.

Neville added: “Due to the skill and dedication of Jeremy, my life has been transformed. A whole new world has been opened up to me and I set up the Parnell Fund in an endeavour to help others. The charity aims to raise funds for research into urology and also to raise awareness into urological conditions.”

Jeremy Ockrim, honorary senior lecturer at University College London and consultant surgeon at UCH, said: “The Functional Urology Unit at UCLH is the largest centre of its kind in the UK and provides expertise to urologists in England, Wales and abroad with 70 per cent of its work referred from other hospitals. It has an international reputation for urological research, outcome analysis, publication, as well as teaching. We are very grateful to Mr Parnell for the funds he is raising to help further our important work.”

Donations to the UCLH Charity and Parnell Fund can be given by texting PARNELL to 70700. Texts cost £5 per network charge and UCLH receives at least £4.45. Parnell Fund is a fund within the University College London Hospitals Charity which is registered in England and Wales No. 229771. The alternative channel for donations is through the fund’s website.


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