New video guides for diabetes patients 

19/01/2016 00:00 
The diabetes team have added five new clips to a series of video guides for children and young people with diabetes.

The video guides have been prepared at the request of the families and carers of young diabetes patients who need to learn the skills to help young people manage their condition.

Nurse consultant for diabetes Rebecca Thompson said: “The UCLH team supports more than 500 children and young people, some as young as 23 months. Diabetes is something that they and their families live with 24 hours a day and is managed much more intensively nowadays. Young people are expected to test their blood glucose at least five times a day, interpret the result and take appropriate action; ‘count’ the carbohydrates in their food and drink and then inject insulin to match this.

“Children and young people rely on many different people to help them manage the practical skills – this might include parents, siblings, school teachers, first aiders, baby sitters, Brownie and Scout leaders, after school club leaders… the list goes on. All these people require education and training to enable them to have the practical skills to safely support a child with their diabetes.

“The creation of these “how to” videos has meant that the knowledge is accurate and at everyone’s fingertips, and the feedback from patients and their relatives and carers has been incredibly positive.”

The new videos show:

  • How to insert the Dexcom sensor
  • How to insert a set with the Animas pump
  • How to insert a Mio with the Medtronic 650G pump
  • How to insert an Omnipod pump pod

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