Pituitary Open Day 

19/06/2013 00:00 

The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery will host an open day for patients with pituitary disease on the 13 July.

Pituitary Open Day

This meeting will bring together patients, their families, carers, advocates, the London Pituitary Patient Support group and eminent clinicians to discuss care and research issues in pituitary conditions.

The pituitary is an important gland in the body and it is often referred to as the 'master gland', because it controls several of the other hormone glands (e.g. adrenals, thyroid). It is usually about the size of a pea and consists of two parts (often called lobes) - a front part, called the anterior pituitary and a back part, called the posterior pituitary.The pituitary gland sits in a bony hollow called the pituitary fossa. This is behind the bridge of the nose and below the base of the brain, close to the optic nerves.

The most common problem with the pituitary gland occurs when a benign growth (often referred to as 'adenoma' or 'tumour') develops. This can cause the gland to produce excess hormone, or it can block hormone production, or it can be 'non functioning' (hormone production not affected in any way).Other rarer causes of pituitary disorders can include, for example, traumatic brain injury and pituitary infarction (also known as pituitary apoplexy).

The open day is organised by Dr Stephanie Baldeweg, Consultant Endcorinologist at UCLH and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and will have speakers from both the neurosurgical team and the pituitary endocrine team.

The aim is to provide a forum in which patients' concerns about their illness can be voiced and provide an opportunity for patients and their families to share their experiences, to hear about the latest research and to question the experts.

The audience at this meeting will comprise those with pituitary disease, their families, carers and advocates. Clinicians will include doctors, specialist nurses and others involved in the treatment and care of those with pituitary disease.

The organisation of this meeting has been generously supported by UCLH Charity.
There is no need to book, just turn up to the Wolfson Lecture Theatre at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, Queen Square, WC1N 3BG on 13 July from 11am until 1pm. For more information contact Inma Serrano, pituitary nurse specialist on 07538 206 413 or the London Area Pituitary Group on 020 8850 7888.


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