Plans for world-leading cardiac centre 

20/02/2013 00:00 

Thousands of lives could be saved each year thanks to UCLPartners’ plans to create a globally-renowned cardiac centre of excellence in London.

Plans announced to create a world-leading cardiac centre in London

It follows agreement by the boards of University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and Barts Health NHS Trust to combine their specialist cardiovascular services on the one site at St Bartholomew’s Hospital from late 2014.

The new heart centre – supported by each hospital’s medical school – will be embedded within a new integrated cardiovascular system spanning prevention, earlier diagnosis, and both acute and chronic care across a population of six million.

Barts and ULCH are both members of UCLPartners - one of five accredited academic health science systems in the UK - whose purpose is to translate cutting edge research and innovation into measurable health gain for patients and populations.

UCLPartners’ vision is to improve the cardiac health of its patient populationof six million people across north central London and north east London, south and west Hertfordshire, south Bedfordshire and south west and mid-Essex.  Through the new integrated cardiovascular system, it aims to transform patient outcomes so they are comparable with the best in the world through clinical, teaching and research excellence.

It is believed this approach will replicate the successful transformation of stroke care across London, which has halved mortality rates and resulted in substantial reductions in disability; and the patient and clinically-led improvements in cancer which together with cardiovascular disease account for two thirds of premature deaths in London.

Acute hospitals, patients, public health specialists, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), academics and other stakeholders are co-designing the new Integrated Cardiovascular System. UCLP will also work closely with commissioners to undertake a full engagement process with patient and public representatives, local authorities, staff and other stakeholder groups to ensure local views are considered. 

Following discussions with local stakeholders, clinicians will consider the feedback and finalise their recommendations for change. UCLPartners will work across all hospitals, primary care and academic partners that form part of its academic health science network to deliver this clinical and academic vision.

Professor Christopher McGregor, Director of Cardiac Surgery at UCLH’s Heart Hospital said:  “A single regional unit will provide the critical mass to develop the necessary experience and expertise to achieve world class results and generate the necessary investment for sub-specialties where results are continuously improving through innovative technology.

“This would be a major step forward in reducing the 10,000 deaths a year in the UCLPartners’ patient catchment area that are attributable to cardiovascular disease.”
Professor Mark Caulfield, Director of National Institute for Health Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit at Barts said:  “The proposed heart centre embedded within the integrated cardiovascular system will provide fantastic opportunities and the ideal foundation for developing new diagnostics, devices and drug treatments for cardiovascular disease.”  

Professor David Fish, Managing Director of UCLPartners said: “There are many talented and dedicated staff working to support patients with cardiovascular disease across the partnership. If we can deliver this ambitious plan through new ways of working across traditional boundaries for patient and population benefit we can transform many lives, reduce the well-known variation in life expectancy across the population we serve, and given the location of the new specialist centre contribute to the lasting Olympic legacy.”


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