Providing dignity in care 

29/02/2012 00:00 

UCLH’s work to ensure patients are treated with dignity and respect was highlighted in the national media yesterday.

Katherine Fenton, chief nurse

Katherine Fenton, UCLH chief nurse

The Trust was described as a hospital that is ‘getting it right’ by the BBC, following a report by the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People.

A review by the commission, which was launched during a press conference at UCLH, says an overhaul is needed in the way hospitals and care homes in England approach caring for the elderly.

The BBC was given access to interview patients at University College Hospital (UCH), including Frederick Steen who said his care had been ‘100 per cent perfect’.

He described a laminated paper clock above his bed as the most important piece of equipment in his care because it told nurses when he needed to be turned to prevent pressure sores developing.

For the last eight years, UCH has had a consultant nurse who oversees the care of older people.

The current incumbent, Vicki Leah, said the position had enabled the hospital to stay on top of the issue.

"My job is to challenge people. It is easy to lose sight of what is happening on a ward when you are there day in, day out.

"Most people, when they take a step back, realise where things are going wrong. No-one wants to provide bad care."

Katherine Fenton, UCLH chief nurse, said: "Treating patients with dignity and respect is the most important part of the job of nurses. It is something we should be aiming to delivering for all of our patients all of the time."

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