Short video guides for pregnant women 

18/12/2015 00:00 
UCLH has published a series of video guides to help women having a baby decide the right birth choice for them and to stay fit during pregnancy.

The birth choice videos were put together for pregnant women with history of one previous caesarean section.

The idea was generated through group work with women who felt that there was a lot of conflicting information on the internet.

They felt that most of the written information about birth after caesarean section was quite difficult to read and understand, and they were concerned that some of the information was not evidence-based. They wanted something put together that was easily accessible and user friendly.

These innovative short  video clips are bite-size resources for all women whether currently pregnant or considering getting pregnant and who want to understand the risks and benefits of a planned caesarean section or a vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC).

“They cover everything women need to know from what to do when in labour, use of cordless monitors and the birth pool to having a planned caesarean section. We hope to translate the language on the videos to reach women whose first language is not English and women with hearing disabilities,” says consultant midwife Belinda Green.

Another series of videos are also aimed at pregnant women, but these suggest ways of keeping fit and active during pregnancy.

"The more fit and active you keep during pregnancy, the easier it will be to adapt to your changing shape and weight," says physiotherapist Georgina Parker.

"Weight gain is a normal part of pregnancy, however gaining too much weight can put you and your baby's health at risk. Trying to lose weight during your pregnancy is not advised, but limiting weight gain during pregnancy can be helpful.”

The fit tips videos were created to give women the confidence and tools to help them keep fit and well during pregnancy. They will also help them cope with labour and getting back into shape after the birth.

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