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16/03/2011 00:00 

Three surgeons from University College Hospital (UCH)have been named by a national newspaper as top of the docs.  

(l to r) Gynaecologists Alfred Cutner, Ertan Saridogan and George Pandis

(l to r) Gynaecologists Alfred Cutner, Ertan Saridogan and George Pandis

The Daily Mail’s ‘Good Health’ guide asked 40 leading consultants to nominate the five best consultants for treating fibroids, a condition which affects millions of women in Britain. Those earning the most votes from their peers made it into the guide. 
UCH gynaecologists Ertan Saridogan and Alfred Cutner are among the top ten. 
Mr Saridogan, who headed the poll, “is probably the best in the country for keyhole myomectomy”, the Mail reported. “He is a delicate surgeon who is kind and has great empathy for his patients.”
Mr Cutner, who was ranked fourth, “is a warm person” who would be an “excellent choice [to treat] fibroids”, the Mail said.
Gynaecologist George Pandis was also 'highly recommended'.
Fibroids – benign growths in and around the uterus - can be as small as a grape or as big as a full-term pregnancy. They cause symptoms such as heavy periods, backache and urinary incontinence and may cause infertility and miscarriage.
They are typically treated with myomectomy – their surgical removal - or through a technique to destroy them by blocking their blood supply with tiny glue particles. 
Tim Mould, UCLH’s clinical director of women’s health, commented: “We’re delighted that our work is recognised by fellow professionals as among the best.”

Click here to read the article in The Mail in full 


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