Parents welcome their own princes and princesses 

23/07/2013 00:00 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge weren’t the only couple celebrating new life yesterday. Parents at the University College Hospital Elizabeth Garrett Anderson maternity wing welcomed their own little princes and princesses into the world.

Victoria Leat with baby Lily, born 14 minutes before the royal baby

A total of ten babies (six girls and four boys) were born at the maternity wing on July 22.

Victoria and Warren Leat celebrated the birth of their daughter Lily at 4.07pm, just 14 minutes before the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy.

Victoria, of Barnet, said: “When we were heading off to come here, our neighbour stuck her head over the fence and said: ‘Who is going to be first, you or Catherine!?’ That’s when we knew she had gone into labour.

“For Lily looking back it will be quite funny but for us it’s pretty amazing having our own girl. She’s been supremely chilled about the whole thing.”

Warren added: “It’s an overwhelming experience having your own child and everything else become secondary. She’s our little princess.”


Jessicah McSween with her newborn baby girl


Just hours before Jessicah McSween and Karl Campbell, from Camden, had a baby girl. “We’ve been saying she might be born on the same day as the royal baby for quite some time. It feels really crazy,” said Jessicah.

Meanwhile Dorottya Kovasznai, of Islington, gave birth to her first baby – Sebastian – at 11.09am. “I think it’s really funny that he was born on the same day – he wasn’t doing it on purpose I’m sure. I was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday but we came in for a check up and this is what happened. I had no idea that it was the same day until people started texting me in the evening.


Dorottya Kovasznai with baby Sebastian

"My whole pregnancy has been in parallel with the Duchess’. I was in hospital with the same symptoms as she had earlier in the pregnancy. We’ve copied each other – or rather she copied me because Sebastian was born first!”


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