UCLH research bringing hope to patients 

23/02/2011 00:00 

Twenty-two consultants and professors from UCLH and its sister organisation University College London (UCL) are among a select group making the most outstanding contribution to patient-focused health research in the NHS.

Senior investigator Professor Deenan Pillay, CBRC director

Senior investigator Professor Deenan Pillay, CBRC director

They hold the prestigious post of senior investigator for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the research arm of the NHS.

They are also linked to the NIHR Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre (CBRC) based at UCLH and UCL – one of only five in the country, which brings together the work of hundreds of scientists, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals looking into some of the major causes of illness and disease-related death.

Senior investigator Professor Deenan Pillay, CBRC director, described it as ‘linking world class clinical care at UCLH with equally world class research at UCL’.

He added: “The purpose of the CBRC is to provide a structure for funnelling resource to support clinicians and clinical support staff in research activity.

“This ensures that UCLH remains at the very forefront of developing novel clinical services at the cutting edge of health care, which in turn attracts the highest quality staff.”

The key area for CBRC development over the coming months is experimental medicine – in line with the priority of NIHR, which funds the UK’s five CBRCs.

Deenan explained: “Experimental medicine represents the pre-clinical, scientific endeavours and early clinical trials of new interventions into diseases. For example, new drugs, new vaccines and new diagnostics.

“My aim is for CBRC based research to allow UCLH to offer the newest and most effective treatments for complex diseases, including cancer and neurological conditions and cardiovascular disease.”

CBRC key facts

  • 18 research themes
  • Over £5m invested in new translational research projects
  • Over £20m invested in staff, equipment and research facilities, including the Clinical Research Facility
  • 136 consultants funded

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