Valentine’s Day from The Heart 

14/02/2011 00:00 

UCLH consultant anaesthetist Kevin Fong will present BBC Horizon tonight in a programme entitled How to Mend a Broken Heart.

 Kevin Fong, consultant anaesthetist

Kevin Fong, consultant anaesthetist

In the Valentine’s Day special, appropriately filmed at The Heart Hospital, Kevin finds out how close scientists are to being able to mend your heart if it stops working.

He meets some of the people who have undergone pioneering heart operations and the scientists who are pushing the limits of cardiac treatment.

Images of the heart based on a 3D model developed by Heart Hospital doctors Bruce Martin, Andrew Smith and Sue Wright also appear in the programme. The model of a beating human heart, which was created by the trio in 2008, has revolutionised the teaching of cardiac anatomy.

The programme, at 9pm on BBC2, features a man who has had his heart replaced with an artificial one powered by a mechanical pump he carries around in a rucksack. Viewers will also see a scientist bring a dead animal heart back to life on a workbench.

Also featured is the work of an American scientist who is using stem cells to turn what she calls a 'ghost heart' - the scaffold of a heart - into a replacement heart for humans.

It is the second time Kevin has presented Horizon. Last year he explored ‘extreme cooling’ a pioneering technique which helps bring people back from the dead.

For more information on tonight's (14 February 2011) programme click here.


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