Vocational Rehabilitation Service 

Returning to work or maintaining work is often a key goal and an important health outcome following a neurological diagnosis. The aim of our Vocational Rehabilitation Service is to support people manage their neurological symptoms in this context. We work as a multidisciplinary team comprising of a consultant neurologist, clinical psychologist and occupational therapists. Clinicians are skilled in assessing and providing interventions to manage a range of symptoms for both progressive neurological conditions and single incident conditions such as brain tumours and stroke. Most interventions are carried out from an outpatient setting and are specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. These may include standardised cognitive assessments, support around disclosure of a diagnosis, liaison with employers, work preparation rehabilitation, recommending reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act and providing emotional adjustment support that relates to the workplace.

Referral Inclusion Criteria

  • Confirmed neurological diagnosis,
  • Currently in paid employment, self-employed or higher education,
  • Should be ready to return to work within 6 months.

Referral Exclusion Criteria

  • Has local team where can access vocational rehabilitation,
  • Unemployed and job seeking.

Referral to the service should to be sent via a General practitioner or Consultant either by email to uclh.vocational.rehabilitation@nhs.net or by post to:

Vocational Rehabilitation Service

Post Box 113
3rd Floor 8-11
Queen Square