Dr Ed Seward

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Email: edward.seward1@nhs.net

University College Hospital

Colorectal service, Endoscopy Unit, Gastrointestinal services

Professional background

Ed Seward trained in Edinburgh for six years before moving first to Liverpool and then London, where he worked as a registrar and gained his MD. His first consultant’s post was at Whipps Cross Hospital – now part of Barts Health NHS Trust. Situated in the diverse area of Waltham Forest, this enabled him to develop a broad experience in Gastroenterology. As Endoscopy Lead he developed a sub-specialist interest in therapeutic endoscopy with particular expertise in colonoscopy and colonic stenting, and ERCP. It also allowed him to pursue a passion for service improvement and redesign, which culminated in his appointment as a National Clinical Advisor for Endoscopy. More recently, he has been responsible for piloting a pathway to shorten diagnostic waits in colorectal cancer which was shortlisted for a prestigious BMJ award, has now been adopted nationally through Cancer Research UK’s ACE programme.

Ed was appointed to UCLH in 2014 to deliver ‘Bowel Scope’ for the North central area of London – the national plan to provide screening for bowel cancer and polyps to all 55 year olds. He is also tasked with helping to deliver an interventional colonoscopy service, and to improve the colonoscopy teaching and research brief at UCLH. Alongside this, he also works as a ‘Vanguard’ early diagnosis lead for colorectal cancer and is involved in a critical piece of research to introduce Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) to primary care across North London and Essex to optimise the pathway for people with bowel symptoms.

Research interests

MD in the pathogenesis of pancreatitis and clinical studies on biliary dyskinesia
Shortening diagnostic pathways for colorectal cancer
Service redesign in Endoscopy


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GMC/GDC number: 4229508