Dr Himender Makker

Dr Himender MakkerTel: 0203 447 9102
Fax: 020 3447 9476
Email: himender.makker1@nhs.net

University College Hospital

Respiratory Medicine, Sleep respiratory service (UCH)

Professional background

Dr Makker is a Consultant Respiratory Physician with a special interest in sleep apnoea. He developed an interest in sleep medicine while working as a Senior Registrar at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in 1995-1997. On his appointment as a Consultant at UCLH in 1997, he developed a sleep service. He provided in-house sleep training, developed care pathways and established protocol and guidelines for the management of sleep apnoea. He also established a sleep research group in collaboration with neuropsychologists and medical physicists to investigate neuropsychological impairment in sleep apnoea. The research was funded by the CDRC grant, presented at the conferences, published in peer review journals and contributed to MD. 
He organises sleep apnoea study days for NE Thames Respiratory SpRs, and teaches at the UCL sleep apnoea course and BMA respiratory teachings. He has a wider experience of raising awareness of sleep-disordered breathing, writes articles for local newspaper and health magazines and gives interviews to Radio and TV.
Dr Makker reports sleep study investigations on a Wednesday afternoon and sees sleep apnoea patients in the sleep outpatient clinic (HKMID & HKM3D) on a Thursday afternoon.


Book chapters 
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GMC/GDC number: 3411230 

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