Dr Jocelyn Brookes

Dr Jocelyn BrookesTel: 020 3447 9070
Email: jocelyn.brookes1@nhs.net

University College Hospital

Interventional Oncology Service, Radiology (imaging)

Professional background

Qualified MBBS at The Middlesex Hospital (1986) and gained MRCP(UK) 1991 after Medical rotations at Guy's, Oxford and The Royal Free (Neurology). Interest in Tropical Medicine took me to Borneo with Raleigh International. 1992 I started Radiology training at UCL, during which time I was Clinical Lecturer in the National Medical Laser Centre, studying ablation of cancer metastases and developing the new field of postmortem MR-scanning as an alternative to autopsy. In 1998 I was appointed Consultant Radiologist at UCLH (Vascular intervention). For five years I was College Tutor for the radiology training scheme and in 2007/8 took a Sabbatical as Associate Lecturer to the University of the West Indies (Barbados), establishing an Interventional service there.

Research interests

  • Interventional (vascular) radiology angioplasty etc)
  • Ablation of arteriovenous malformations
  • Thermal ablation of varicose veins (laser)
  • PDT laser ablation of solid tumours
  • Excimer laser atherectomy
  • Teleradiology


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GMC/GDC number: 3170641