Dr Mary Petrou

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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing

Professional background

Dr Mary Petrou in Consultant Clinical Molecular Geneticist at UCL Hospitals and Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL. She is Head of the Haemoglobinopathy Genetics Service at UCLH. Mary did her doctorate at UCL and specialised in Haemoglobinopathy Genetics at UCL/UCLH. Currently a member of the NHS Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme laboratory subgroup committee and committee member of the UK Forum for Haemoglobin Disorders which both drive forward policy in prevention and treatment of haemoglobin disorders.

Her key interests are in the prevention of haemoglobinopathies, preimplantation genetic diagnosis - UCLH was the first UK centre to develop PGD for sickle cell and thalassaemia and the first to have a baby born following PGD - and development of haemoglobinopathy prevention services at the global level. She is often called upon to advise on the development of these services in other countries, clinical and applied bioinformatics and is part of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Community Control of Hereditary Disorders working on the 'Accessible Publishing of Genetic Information' - APoG1system - a prototype tool for supporting practitioners and patients in informed choice. She is an advisor to the United Kingdom Thalassaemia Society, The Sickle Cell Society and the Thalassaemia International Federation.

Dr Petrou sees Haemoglobinopathy Genetics Patients every Tuesday or at other times by arrangement in the Fetal Medicine Unit at the EGA; the clinic code is MP301.


Research interests

  • Prevention of haemoglobinopathies - screening, genetic counselling, prenatal diagnosis
  • Molecular genetics
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • Genetic samples are analysed in the Genetics laboratory in Pathology.


Dr Petrou has published extensively. Her latest publications include:

Petrou M, Screening for Beta thalassaemia, Indian Journal of Medical Genetics, 2010;16 ,1, 1-5

Petrou M, Preimplantation Gentic Diagnosis, 2009; 33,S1, 7-13

Petrou M, Genetic Counselling and Ethics in Molecular Diagnostics, 2010, 537-548 chapter in Molecular Diagnostics , edited by G Patrinos, WJ Ansorge. Published by Elsevier

GMC/GDC number: HCPC number: CS03309