Dr Perla Eleftheriou

Dr Perla EleftheriouTel: 020 3447 9456
Fax: 020 3447 9911
Email: perla.eleftheriou@nhs.net

University College Hospital

Anaemia and abnormal blood counts, Blood Diseases (clinical haematology), Joint Red Cell Unit, Sickle cell anaemia, Thalassaemia

Professional background

I work as a Consultant Haematologist at University College Hospital in London and  I am the clinical governance lead of the Red Cell Haematology department.

My area of special interest is Red Cell Disorders, which include haemoglobinopathies and rare anaemias but also polycythaemias and iron overload disorders.

I graduated from the University of Giessen in Germany in 2000 with excellent grades.As a result, I was awarded the A.G Levants Foundation Scholarship for young scientists for 3 consecutive years. I was awarded the MRCP by the Royal College of Physicians in 2008 and the FRCPath from the Royal College of Pathologists in 2013. I completed my haematology training as a specialist Registrar at Bartshealth NHS trust and gained a lot of experience in the broad spectrum of malignant and non-malignant haematology, including laboratory diagnostics. I have worked alongside Professor Porter at UCLH/UCL for 2 and a half years (2004-2007) , studying the effect and tolerability of different iron chelators in adult and paediatric patients with haemoglobinopathies and other rare transfusion dependent anaemias and transfusional iron overload.

I had developed a special interest in the effect of iron chelators on the myocardial iron removal. I had the opportunity to present my data as posters and oral presentations at various international conferences. In 2006 I was rewarded with a scholarship for young researchers in Haemoglobinopathies by the European School of Genetics. I have extensive experience in formal and informal teaching.

I teach Haematology regularly at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine and I am a visiting lecturer of Haematology at the Nicosia Medical School in Cyprus. My priority and aim as a consultant is to provide the best standards of care for my patients and to contribute in improving the management of haemoglobinopathy patients not only nationally but also internationally. Alongside my weekly follow up clinics, I have the ownership of all the clinical trials studying new chelators or disease modifying agents in patients with red cell disorders. I am also serving as clinical/scientific adviser to Thalassaemia International Federation ( TIF) and I am a member of the UK Thalassaemia Society.


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GMC/GDC number: 6045577