Dr Rachel Batterham

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Email: rachel.batterham@nhs.net

University College Hospital

UCLH Bariatric Centre for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery

Professional background

Rachel Batterham is professor of obesity, diabetes and endocrinology. She established and leads the UCLH Bariatric Centre for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery. She is internationally renown for her expertise in the clinical management of people with obesity and obesity-related diseases and for her obesity research. She is the obesity theme lead for the UCLH/UCL National Institute of Health Research Biomedical Research Centre and she was holds a highly prestigious NIHR Research Professorship (2016-2021).

Rachel plays a key national and international role in determining best care for people with obesity and related disorders and is a trustee for the Association for Study of Obesity, a member of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society council, a member of member of the Royal College of Physician Advisory Group on Health and Weight and a clinical expert for the National Institute for Health Research.

Professor Batterham is passionate about empowering people affected by obesity to ensure that the patient’s voice is heard.

She studied at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School Imperial College and qualified with distinction in 1989. She then specialised in diabetes and endocrinology and developed a specialist interest in obesity. She obtained an MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and then a PhD in body weight regulation. She was appointed as a consultant at UCLH in 2005 and she set up the UCLH obesity services in 2007.

Research interests

Professor Batterham is the head of the Centre for Obesity Research, Department of Medicine, University College London. Her research expertise is broad ranging including cutting-edge basic science research, lifestyle interventions, clinical trials and influencing health-care policy. Her work has played a key role in identifying gut hormones as tractable therapeutic targets for obesity. She has received several prestigious awards including the Andre Mayer award from the World Obesity Federation (2016), the Diabetes UK Rank Fund Nutrition Prize (2015), the Lilly Scientific Achievement Award from The Obesity Society (2014), and the Linacre Medical from the Royal College of Physicians (2010). Professor Batterham was awarded the Sir Jules Thorn Award for Biomedical Research (2017-2022) and her programme of research will be focused on maximising the health benefits obtained from bariatric surgery.


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