Dr Ratna Chatterjee

Dr Ratna Chatterjee  Tel: 020 3447 9453
Email: ratna.chatterjee2@nhs.net

University College Hospital

Reproductive Medicine Unit

Professional background

Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Consultant in reproductive health of adolescent and adult survivors of chronic and serious disease with special interest in haemoglobinopathy, chronic renal disease and recipients of chemotherapy for cancer – IFWH of UCL/ UCLH

It is the first post of this kind in the UK created by joint multidisciplinary venture between various divisions of the UCLH trust and UCL.

Research interests

For the past 3 years I have been actively involved in development of a novel research tool for development and delivery of a teaching modality for global education after generating external funding of 260 K from TIF. 

Dr Rekha Bajoria, Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Consultant and joint Director of MSc have contributed significantly to the course. This degree programme is currently running successfully. This innovative tool can be applied to other streams of medicine and education. We have successfully launched the course in March 2009.  This is in pilot stage (phase 3 of research).

The dissertations of the international students are expected to promote original research and publications in peer reviewed journals.
Ovarian Reserve testing in iron load - I am developing 3D imaging of assessment of folliculogenesis and iron loading in patients with Iron load in collaboration with Dr Rehan Salim- of ACU and RMU, EGA.

I am also collaborating with medical engineering and imaging experts on 3D assessment of penile Doppler studies patients with chronic disease presenting with erectile dysfunction.

I am developing global patient care pathway in patients with haemoglobinopathies with Dr Rekha Bajoria and International local doctors on maternal health and endocrine and fertility problems in India, Middle East and Italy, Greece.


I have 54 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Some recent and relevant publications are given below:

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GMC/GDC number: 3163001