Dr Riyaz Patel

Tel: 020 3447 5540
Fax: 020 3447 9278
Email: riyaz.patel@nhs.net

UCLH & Barts Heart Centre

Cardiology outpatients, Cardiac services

Professional background

Dr Riyaz Patel is an honorary consultant cardiologist working at both UCLH and Bart's Health NHS Trusts. He trained and qualified locally and has spent a decade also developing an international research portfolio. He has worked at top London and US hospitals which have given him a high degree of experience managing all general cardiology conditions, with a recognised expertise in coronary artery disease risk assessment and prevention.

He also specialises in advanced cholesterol management, hypertension, chest pain assessment, valvular heart disease, neurological and autonomic mediated cardiovascular diseases and secondary prevention of those with established heart disease.

At UCLH, Dr Patel runs a large general cardiology outpatient clinic, having taken this over from Dr Diana Holdright, under whom he trained. He also provides in-patient care for acutely unwell cardiology patients as part of the 7 day UCLH cardiology consult service. Aside from general cardiology Dr Patel is also an accredited and recognised specialist in advanced echocardiography and cardiac CT, providing these services primarily at Bart's but also at UCLH. At Bart's Dr Patel has also established a new CVD prevention service, offering advanced risk stratification and also seeing those with premature coronary disease and those with a significant family history of disease.

Finally, in addition to his clinical work, Dr Patel is a senior research fellow at UCL and is one of only a handful of British Heart Foundation Clinical Intermediate Fellows in the country. This grant was awarded based on his high profile academic and research background and to fund his research into the causes of coronary heart disease and its risk factors, including the genetic basis for the disease.

Research interests

  • Coronary heart disease (CHD) risk with a focus on harnessing and using “big data” through registries, electronic records and hospital informatics
  • Identifying genetic and non-genetic determinants of subsequent event risk in those with established CHD, to improve risk prediction and identify novel drug targets
  • CHD prevention, lipid disorders and risk factor management
  • Clinical trials using novel approaches - to run “cheaper, faster and better” trials
  • Genetics of CHD including use of Mendelian Randomization to determine causality as well as exploring non-genetic biomarkers and metabolomics for CHD risk.
  • Developing and managing bio-banks to study CHD and other cardiovascular diseases
  • Advanced CHD phenotyping using cardiac imaging


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