Prof Sam Janes

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University College Hospital

Lung cancer, Medical specialties, Respiratory Medicine

Professional background

Dr Janes qualified in 1992 gaining a BSc and MBBS. He trained in respiratory medicine at several hospitals including the Hammersmith, Harefield and St Mary’s Hospitals and completed an MSc (Distinction) in Respiratory Medicine in 1999 at the Brompton Hospital. He gained his CCST in Respiratory and General Medicine in 2004. He won a MRC Training Fellowship and worked in the CRUK Lincoln’s Inn Fields Institute with Fiona Watt working on integrin adhesion molecules and cancer cell survival leading to his PhD in 2004. He then worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the same institute before moving to University College London. At UCL he won an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship and now leads a group interested in the pathogenesis of lung disease including cancer formation and its treatment with new biological and cellular therapies within the Centre for Respiratory Research. He has a particular interest in using stem cells as a cellular vector for gene therapy in cancers.

Research interests

Dr Janes runs the UCLH lung cancer team and has a clinic (SJ41A) on Monday afternoons. He has developed a new endobronchial ultrasound service and performs all the invasive bronchoscopic techniques. He is running several clinical trials aiming to improve the patient journey of diagnosis and staging of lung cancers. These trials include a number of innovative techniques. He works as a consultant for the NHS in respiratory and general medicine with a particular interest in lung cancer, mesothelioma, bronchoscopy and early lung cancer detection.


He has published 25 papers surrounding lung cancer and sits on the British Thoracic Society and British Lung Foundation scientific committees. He edited the European Monograph on lung cancer in 2009.

Selected publications:

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GMC/GDC number: 3581122