Prof Kevin Fong

Dr Kevin FongTel: 020 3447 3343

University College Hospital

Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Professional background

Kevin Fong is Consultant Anaesthetist at UCL Hospitals, and is Anaesthetic Lead for both the Patient Emergency Reponse Team and Major Incident Planning. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Physiology at University College London where he organises and runs an undergraduate course Extreme Environment Physiology.  He studied astrophysics and medicine at University College London, and completed postgraduate clinical training in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine.  He has a long standing interest in human space exploration and space medicine and has worked with NASA's Human Adaptation and Countermeasures Office at Johnson Space Centre in Houston.  Kevin is founder and associate director of the Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme environment medicine at University College London.

Research interests

  • Anaesthesia and Critical Care
  • Aerospace Medicine
  • Human Factors


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GMC/GDC number: 4532291