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Neonatal care

Professional background

Neil Marlow trained in clinical medicine at Oxford and UCL. His first research post was in Manchester where he carried out one of the first and largest single observer outcome studies following low birthweight. Since that time he has continued to focus on the sequelae of perinatal events and in particular neuropsychological outcomes. He has led several large studies in the field including EPICure – a national cohort study of birth before 26 weeks of gestation that has guided national policy. Neil was appointed Professor of Neonatal Medicine at UCL in September 2008, having held the chair of Neonatal Medicine in Nottingham since 1997. He is Director of the Institute for Women’s Health and current President of the European Society for Paediatric Research. His research interests include early care of the newborn, particularly in relation to brain development and injury, and he is PI on a range of clinical trials aimed at improving developmental outcome for the very preterm infant.

Research interests

  • Neonatal intensive care, focussing on neonatal neurology, neonatal outcomes and follow-up care


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GMC/GDC number: 2349730