UCLH Pharmacy Formulary and NICE technological appraisals 

The Use of Medicines Committee (UMC) is a multi-disciplinary team that is responsible for overseeing the medicines management issues within the Trust, including the Trust Pharmacy Formulary. The UMC has a robust system for the evaluation of new medicines and assessment of therapeutic practices, guidelines and policies.

The primary concern of the UMC is the clinical effectiveness and safety of a drug therapy compared to existing formulary alternatives, with decisions driven by an evidence-based approach. The UMC collaborate with the North Central London Joint Formulary Committee, the Medicines Safety committee , Antibiotic Usage Committee, and other groups to focus on optimising medicines management, monitoring medication safety and improving patient care.

The UCLH Pharmacy Formulary has an important role in underpinning the safe and effective use of medicines through out the Trust. The benefits of implementing a local formulary include:

  • Improving patient outcomes by optimising the use of medicines
  • Supporting the inclusion of patient factors in decision-making about medicines
  • Improving local pathways
  • Improve collaboration between commissioner and provider
  • improving quality by reducing inappropriate variations in clinical care
  • Improving quality through access to cost-effective medicines
  • Supporting financial management and expenditure on medicines across health communities
  • Supporting prescribers to follow guidance published by professional regulatory bodies in relation to medicines and prescribing

In accordance with the Innovation, Heath and Wealth document published by the Department of Health in 2012, all relevant medicines recommended in a NICE Technological appraisal are automatically included into the UCLH formulary in a planned manner that supports their safe and appropriate use in clinical practice. Any medicines that have a governance or safety concern will be added to the formulary with a restriction to ensure patient safety. The links on the right of this page provide the UCLH NICE Implementation tool that is updated on a monthly basis and a list of all medicines on the UCLH formulary.