Acute oncology service expert reference group (ERG) 

The purpose of the Acute Oncology Service Expert Reference Group, led by Ekaterini Boleti, is to be the primary source of clinical advice for Acute Oncology to Tumour Pathway Boards, other expert reference groups and the UCLH Cancer Collaborative Board. Click here to read our annual report for 2017/18.

  • Clinical director

    Dr Ekaterini Boleti, Pathway Director for Acute Oncology Service ERG

    Dr Boleti is a consultant medical oncologist with a special interest in lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies as well as renal cell carcinoma.

    She is a specialist in the management of thoracic malignancies and renal cell carcinoma, with an extensive experience in the running of clinical trials of all phases and she is also a lead investigator at a local and national level. She is also interested in novel therapies such as immunotherapy and new molecular targeted agents.

    Dr Boleti is currently a clinical tutor for the UCL medical school oncology module and the lead of the Acute Oncology Expert Reference Group as well as the Cancer of Unknown Primary subgroup for the London Cancer Integrated Cancer System.

 Acute oncology service expert reference group (ERG) papers

CUP Subgroup meeting minutes November 201820/11/2018
AOS meeting minutes November 201820/11/2018
AOS ERG meeting minutes May 201822/05/2018
CUP Subgroup meeting minutes May 201822/05/2018
AOS ERG meeting minutes January 201830/01/2018
CUP Subgroup meeting minutes January 201830/01/2018

 Acute oncology service expert reference group (ERG) documents

AOS ERG Annual Report 2018-19
AOS ERG Annual Report 2017-18
London Cancer CUP Guidelines and Policy April 2017

 Membership - Acute oncology service expert reference group (ERG)

Annabelle LauAOS CNSUCLH
Daniel KrellCUP LeadRoyal Free London
David FeuerAOS LeadHomerton
Dionysis PapadatosConsultant Medical OncologistPrincess Alexandra Hospital
Elizabeth ArmstrongMetastatic Spinal Cord Compression CoordinatorUCLH
Emily KeenLead Nurse – AOS and CUP ServiceRoyal Free London
Emily WangAOS nurseHomerton
Faz HussainPatient RepresentativePatient Representative
Hanny AnwarConsultant Orthopaedic Spinal SurgeonRoyal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Jackie NewbyOncologistRoyal Free London
John BridgewaterConsultant Medical OncologistUCLH
Kai-Keen ShiuLead Consultant AOS and CUPUCLH
Kate EarwickerLead Nurse for Chemotherapy, CUP & Acute Oncology ServiceBarts Health
Katia BoletiConsultant Oncologist / ERG ChairRoyal Free London
Katie PedutoAOS CNSPrincess Alexandra Hospital
Katie RyanAOS/CUP CNSHomerton
Liz FranksonLead AOS CNSBHRUT
Louise DulleyConsultant Oncologist - CUP LeadBHRUT
Manish DesaiConsultant in Spinal Injuries and Trauma RehabilitationRoyal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Manuel Rodriguez-Justo Gastrointestinal Pathology LeadUCLH
Mark QuitilenAOS NurseBHRUT
Monica CastroAcute Oncology CNSNorth Middlesex University Hospital
Nicola RosenfelderConsultant Clinical OncologistRoyal Free London
Nikolas DiamantisCUP LeadBarts Health
Pauline LeonardConsultant Medical OncologistWhittington Hospital
Roopinder GillmoreConsultant Oncologist (CUP lead)Royal Free London
Shirley Lendor-NguessanCUP CNSUCLH
Suganya SivabalasinghamConsultant Clinical OncologistUCLH
Tanya AhmadAOS LeadRoyal Free London
Tony NdlovuAcute Oncology CNS North Middlesex University Hospital
Ursula McGovernConsultant Medical OncologistUCLH and Royal Free London
Vasilios KaravasilisConsultant Medical OncologistUCLH
Vittorio RussoNeurosurgeonUCLH
Zara GrossCancer Strategy Implementation LeadTCST