Chemotherapy expert reference group (ERG) 

The purpose of the Chemotherapy Expert Reference Group, led by Martin Forster and Pinkie Chambers, is to be the primary source of clinical advice for Chemotherapy to Tumour Pathway Boards, other Expert Reference Groups and the UCLH Cancer Collaborative Board. Click here to read our annual report for 2017/18.

  • Clinical directors

    Dr Martin Foster, Joint Chair of the Chemotherapy ERG


    Head and Neck Cancer, Lung cancer, Head and Neck Centre

    Professional background

    Martin graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and gained general medical experience in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, becoming a member of the Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 2000. Since then he has been working in cancer care, training in Medical Oncology at the Oxford Radcliffe and Royal Marsden NHS Trusts. During this time, he achieved a PhD at the Institute for Cancer Research, London, and was awarded the EORTC-PAMM Young Investigator Award in 2004. He completed his specialist training in Medical Oncology in 2008 and was appointed as a UCL Clinical Senior Lecturer and UCH Consultant in Medical Oncology in 2009. Since then he has been running a research-based practice and has been principal / chief investigator for more than 20 early and late phase clinical trials.

    Martin is involved in the management of patients with both lung and head and neck cancers. He is interested in drug development and in using the increasing understanding of cancer biology to design studies that distinguish patient populations most likely to gain benefit from new drugs and new drug combinations. He has a particular interest in the cancer biology that leads to the development of both lung and head and neck cancers.

    Mrs Pinkie Chambers, Joint Chair of the Chemotherapy ERG

    Pinkie Chambers is a senior pharmacist with over 10 years’ experience within both UCLH the London Cancer network. Her ultimate vision is to improve patient experience and outcomes for those receiving chemotherapy, through applied health research. Pinkie has used her patient facing role to guide and prioritise research projects, collaborating with universities and industry. The resultant effect of the research has been changes in guidelines and pathways both locally and internationally.

    Her project is to re-design the current chemotherapy pathway to reduce the overall side effects of chemotherapy treatment. The year will be spent developing a PhD project to explore one element of the novel pathway.

    Pinkie is Joint Chair of the London Cancer Chemotherapy Expert Reference Group which aims to develop chemotherapy services and re-shape the chemotherapy pathway.

 Chemotherapy expert reference group (ERG) papers

Chemotherapy ERG Minutes June 201918/06/2019
Chemotherapy ERG Minutes March 201919/03/2019
Chemotherapy ERG minutes December 201818/12/2018
Chemotherapy ERG Minutes October 201802/10/2018
Chemotherapy ERG Minutes April 201817/04/2018

 Chemotherapy expert reference group (ERG) documents

Chemotherapy ERG Annual report 2018-19
Immunotherapy Adverse Events Poster
Immunotherapy Adverse Events Project Summary Report 2018
Out of Hospital SACT Options
1. Pan London Cytotoxic Policy
2. Antiemetic guidelines for adult patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy
3. Dosage adjustment for cytotoxics in hepatic impairment guidelines
4. Dosage adjustment for cytotoxics in renal impairment
5. Supportive care protocols paediatric haematology and oncology – joint UCLH, GOSH and RMH guidelines
6. Mouth care guidelines Barts Health
7. UCLH mouthcare guidelines
8. Baxter infusor patient information leaflet
9. London Cancer – Central Line Policy
10. London Cancer – Cisplatin hydration guidelines
11. London Cancer – Cytotoxic dosing in obesity
12. London Cancer – Fertility Guidelines
13. London Cancer – Hepatitis Guidelines
14. London Cancer – Latent TB guidelines for Oncology Patients
15. London Cancer – Mesna guidelines
16. London Cancer – Methylene blue guidelines
(More Items...)

 Membership - Chemotherapy expert reference group (ERG)

Aderonke AdebiyiResearch Network Manager and Lead Research NurseUCLH
Anish TailorPharmacistRoyal Free London
Blessing KamudyariwaAcute Oncology Clinical Nurse SpecialistNMUH
Chris WatsonPharmacistBarts Health
Cindy SparkesPractice Educator for ChemotherapyGreat Ormond Street Hospitals
Danielle OhanaLead Pharmacist for Oncology Cancer ServicesUCLH
David FeuerConsultant in Palliative Medicine & Trust Cancer LeadBarts Health (Homerton)
David PropperConsultant Medical OncologistBarts Health
Diana MatthewsLead PharmacistWhittington Hospital
Linda AtheyLead Nurse for Cancer and Palliative CareHomerton
Louise DulleyConsultant Oncologist BHRUT
Louise EdwardsClinical Nurse SpecialistRoyal Free London
Martin Forster Medical Oncologist / Joint ERG ChairUCLH
Michael HarrisonLead Chemotherapy NurseBarts Health
Nicola AkarLead Chemotherapy NurseBHRUT
Niraj GoyalConsultant Clinical OncologistNMUH and PAH
Pauline LeonardConsultant Medical OncologistWhittington Hospital
Pinkie Chambers Pharmacist / Joint ERG ChairUCLH
Raj NijjarLead Cancer PharmacistBarts Health
Rebecca Blackwood Senior Chemotherapy NurseUCLH
Renata RowickaSenior Sister for ChemotherapyWhittington Hospital
Roopinder GillmoreOncologistRoyal Free London
Samixa ShahPatientPatient Representative
Shirley CareyInpatient Chemotherapy Team ManagerUCLH
Simon Jenkinson PharmacistNMUH