Psychosocial Expert Reference Group (ERG) 

The purpose of the Psychosocial Expert Reference Group, led by Mark Barrington, is to be the primary source of advice for psychosocial to Tumour Pathway Boards, other Expert Reference Groups and the UCLH Cancer Collaborative Board.

  • Level 2 Training: upcoming dates

    Date: Monday 15 July 2019

    Host Trust: Barts

    Main contact: Caroline Dancyger,

    Date: Wednesday 2 October 2019

    Host Trust: UCLH

    Main contact: Faith Warner,

  • Chair

    Dr Mark Barrington, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Barts Health NHS Trust

    Dr Mark Barrington is the Macmillan Psychosocial Lead and Chair of the Psychosocial Expert Reference Group. He has been a consultant clinical psychologist leading services in cancer and palliative care at Barts Health since 2005. He lectures at the Institute of Cancer Research and the University of East London.

  •  Psychosocial Expert Reference Group (ERG) papers

    August 2018 Psychosocial ERG minutes16/08/2018
    June 2018 Psychosocial ERG minutes14/06/2018
    April 2018 Psychosocial ERG minutes05/04/2018
    December 2017 Psychosocial ERG minutes14/12/2017
    October 2017 Psychosocial ERG minutes19/10/2017
    August 2017 Psychosocial ERG minutes17/08/2017
    June 2017 Psychosocial ERG minutes08/06/2017
    April 2017 Psychosocial ERG minutes20/04/2017
    February 2017 Psychosocial ERG minutes09/02/2017
    December 2016 Psychosocial ERG minutes15/12/2016
    October 2016 Psychosocial ERG minutes20/10/2016
    August 2016 Psychosocial ERG minutes18/08/2016
    February 2016 Psychosocial ERG Minutes25/02/2016

     Psychosocial Expert Reference Group (ERG) documents

    Psychological support for people affected by cancer - commissioning recommendations and service specifications (May 2018)
    Psychosocial ERG Terms of Reference
    NICE guideline for supportive and palliative care 2004
    Service Specification 2014
    Psychosexual Information Services
    Mapping summary - psychosocial ERG 2013
    Commissioning Guidance - Psychological Support for People Living With Cancer 2015
    Psychosocial ERG Annual Report 2016-17

     Membership - Psychosocial Expert Reference Group (ERG)

    Caroline DancygerClinical PsychologistBarts Health
    Clare StevensonClinical Psychologist in Cancer CareHomerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Daphne EarlPatient RepresentativePatient Representative
    Elaine HeywoodMacmillan Councillor and Information OfficerRoyal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
    Esther HansenClinical PsychologistRoyal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
    Heather MunroCancer PsychologistNorth Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
    Hilary PlantClinical Head of the Macmillan Support and Information ServiceUCLH
    Lallita CarballoClinical Head of the Macmillan Support and Information ServiceUCLH
    Marc KingsleyConsultant Clinical Psychologist: Care Pathway Lead for Clinical Health Psychological ServicesNELFT
    Mark BarringtonConsultant Clinical PsychologistBarts Health
    Mary BurgessConsultant Clinical PsychologistUCLH
    Pauline McCullochLead Colorectal NurseHomerton
    Peter SouthernPalliative Care Social WorkerBarts Health
    Ruth AllenMacmillan Clinical PsychologistWhittington Hospital NHS Trust
    Samixa ShahPatient RepresentativePatient Representative
    Sharon CavanaghLead for the Macmillan Integrated Cancer Programme, Living with and Beyond Cancer and Allied Health ProfessionalsUCLH Cancer Collaborative
    Su Yin YapMacmillan Consultant Clinical PsychologistNorth Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
    Sue GesslerConsultant Clinical PsychologistUCLH Gynaecological Cancer Centre
    Sue GibbonsClinical PsychologistWhittington Hospital NHS Trust