Living with and beyond cancer 

Many people living with cancer have physical and psychological needs resulting from their treatment. UCLH Cancer Collaborative has been working with partner trusts to embed the Recovery Package and stratified follow-up, enabling co-ordinated personalised support and rehabilitation for individuals throughout their cancer journey. Visit our directory of services to help you find local services in north central and north east London and west Essex.

  • Educational animation for parents with cancer

    It is very important that people diagnosed with cancer receive personalised psychological, as well as medical, support. The London Cancer psychosocial expert reference group teamed up with the Fruit Fly Collective to launch a short animated film to advise parents with cancer on how to talk to their children about their diagnosis. The animation uses a cartoon family to give practical tips for parents to tell their children that they have cancer.

    Watch it now:

  • Recovery Package

    The Recovery Package combines several interventions for people living with cancer: a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA), a Treatment Summary, a Cancer Care Review (CCR) and a Health and Wellbeing Event. There is more information on the main elements of the Recovery Package here.

    Implementation of the Recovery Package is underway within all of our partner trusts. We have also collaborated with the north central London (NCL) Cancer Commissioning Board and Transforming Cancer Services Team for London (TCST) to introduce a new way of following up men who have stable prostate cancer in NCL. The aim of this new model is to provide enhanced support for prostate cancer patients in the community, including annual holistic needs assessments (HNAs) and blood tests. This will facilitate the smooth transition from care in hospital into primary care. This supports our local objectives of improving patient experience and moving care closer to home.

    For more information on the Recovery Package, please contact

  • Stratified follow-up

    Stratified follow-up is the process of placing individuals onto the best follow-up pathway according to their specific clinical and personal needs. It has a focus on promoting recovery and wellbeing. This approach encourages patients to take an active role in their own care and are supported to self-manage their health. We continue to provide support to healthcare organisations in our region to develop stratified follow-up pathways. This work will improve patient experience and will also increase capacity in our hospital clinics as fewer patients will be coming in for unnecessary appointments.