Lung cancer programme 

The primary objective of the lung cancer programme is to identify and implement a model for improving the earlier diagnosis of lung cancer.

A significant number of lung cancers are diagnosed at Stage 4 and often during emergency presentation. This is around 40% of lung cancer diagnoses in the London Cancer area of north east London, north central London and west Essex.

The programme will target and invite people in the London Cancer area at high risk of lung cancer – asymptomatic people with a smoking history and aged 60-75 years. Lung health checks will be offered to these people based on their risk profile, along with a low dose CT scan. Advice and support around smoking cessation will also be provided to those with an active smoking status.

The lung programme not only aims to improve the earlier diagnosis of lung cancer, but also early detection of COPD and drive the uptake of smoking cessation services amongst this at risk population.

Key milestones

  • March 2017: Commence programme delivery in early adopter sites
  • April 2017 onwards: Full roll-out of the programme across all sites.

For more information about the programme, please contact Fanta Bojang.