Periodontology is the management of patients with disorders of the gums and the supporting structures including teeth.  Patients are seen for advice, diagnosis and second opinion; as well as treatment, providing they fulfil the listed criteria. 

The department functions on the concept of total patient care and provides treatment for those patients accepted within the department in conjunction with the referring practitioner on a shared care basis.  There is a strong focus of putting patients at the core of the departments educational and research activities such that disease presentation often forms the research questions.  Patients are often offered treatment within the context of clinical projects, in line with the research governance guidelines, where deemed suitable. 

The department has a strong reputation both in the clinical and research field, and has led research strategies in the field of systemic health and oral disease, as well as preventive strategies and clinical outcomes. 

Periodontology Services provides Consultation and joint multidisciplinary clinics:

  • Eight new patient consultation clinics per week
  • A joint clinic with orthodontics run once every eight weeks
  • Daily follow-up and recall clinics

In addition to the above clinics a number of other multidisciplinary clinics take place with the Prosthetics Department and other departments within the Eastman Dental Hospital.

Conditions treated

The Periodontology Department offers treatment within the following areas:

  • Medical conditions affecting the periodontium
  • Acute problems such as desquamative gingivitis, necrotising gingivitis.
  • Aggressive forms of periodontal diseases
  • Chronic periodontitis (with BPE scores of 4) in patients who have had a course of oral hygiene instruction and scaling.
  • Mucogingival problems.
  • Patients with missing teeth requiring ridge augmentation and implants.

Service statistics

12,800 patients are seen annually, of whom approximately 2,400 are new patients.

Prof Ian Needleman Periodontology
Mr Kalpesh Patel Periodontology
Miss Ulpee Darbar Periodontology
Mr Francesco D'Aiuto Periodontology
Mr Matthew Garrett Restorative dentistry, Periodontology, Prosthodontics
Mrs Zahra Hussain Restorative dentistry, Periodontology

 Contact details

Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals

47-49 Huntley Street

Patient enquiries
Telephone: 020 3456 2300 / 020 3456 1078

GP enquiries
Telephone: 020 3456 1078
Fax: 020 3456 2383

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