Adult diagnostic audiology 

Based at the Royal National Ear, Nose and Throat and Eastman Dental Hospitals in Huntley Street. The Audiologists provide an Audiology Led Clinic (ALC) as well as supporting tertiary level medical clinics within Ear, Nose, and Throat and, Audiovestibular Medicine services.

The ALC is a direct access clinic for adults aged 18 to 75 with non-complex:

  • Tinnitus and/or hearing loss
  • Balance problems

By providing assessment, treatment, follow-up and aftercare, the ALC is a service provided by experienced audiologists with high level expertise who also work at a tertiary level.

Complex cases will be identified and thoroughly assessed, thus streamlining onward referral to appropriate consultant led services at the Royal National Ear, Nose and Throat and Eastman Dental Hospitals. We aim to give the best care possible in a timely manner at a range of convenient facilities.

ALC is available via GP e-referral via the NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose and Book referrals), or Consultant referral letter.

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Patient aftercare

Our rehabilitative services are an integrated blend of hearing, balance and psychological treatments delivered by both audiologists and other members of the professional multidisciplinary team at the hospital.

Patient support services

The Audiologists can advise you on the charities and support groups for conditions like hearing loss, balance and tinnitus. The department has close links with charities, hearing therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, physicians and surgeons.

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Adult diagnostic audiology
Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals

5th floor
47-49 Huntley Street

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Telephone: 020 3456 5164

GP enquiries
Telephone: 020 3456 5164

Service manager - Dawn Clare-Paule
Telephone: 020 3456 5222

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