Hearing therapy 

Hearing therapists work with adults who have hearing loss and associated disorders, such as tinnitus and hyperacusis, and other forms of hypersensitivity. We offer counselling to help with the psychological and emotional effects of audiological problems, as well as providing help and advice on practical solutions.

We are the largest and most specialised hearing therapy department in the country.

Your appointment

At your first appointment we will do a comprehensive assessment of your needs and then create a tailored programme of rehabilitation to support you. The appointment will last about an hour.

It may be helpful to think about the following questions before you attend your appointment:

  1. What are the main areas of difficulty for you?
  2. How have your difficulties affected your personal relationships and your work/social/home life?
  3. Have you found anything that helps with your difficulties?


  • My contacts with the therapist over the last year have made a huge difference to my health and my quality of life. Without her support I would not have come to terms with my condition and I think I could have fallen ill from depression.

  • Everyone seems to care and gives much needed support.

  • I am grateful to the therapist, she has given the confidence to deal with and accept my deafness.

  • The experience I have had of this department has always been excellent. I cannot speak too highly of it.

 Contact details

Hearing therapy
Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals

47-49 Huntley Street

Patient enquiries
Telephone: 020 3456 5392

GP enquiries
Telephone: 020 3456 5177

Service manager - Clare Lazenbury and Sandra Hogg
Email: claire-julia.lazenbury@nhs.net / sandrahogg@nhs.net