Who we are 

We are a specialist team of professionals who provide an holistic, integrated and child/family centred approach to the management of each child. The team is experienced in the identification and management of specific and/or complex hearing, balance and/or speech and language difficulties. We work collaboratively and frequently offer joint or linked appointments, if needed. The team includes:

  • Audiologists - responsible for specialist hearing and balance testing and for the measurement and fitting of hearing aids if necessary
  • Doctors: audiovestibular physicians, paediatrician and clinical geneticist - responsible for the medical management of the child. This will include the taking of a detailed case history, examination, investigation, diagnosis and management
  • Clinical psychologists - assess learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs of children and are available to support families in managing those needs
  • ENT surgeons - see children for opinions on surgical management
  • Nurses and play specialists  - are experienced in the care of children and can support you and your child throughout your visit
  • Specialist speech & language therapists – offer specialist services for children with specific speech and language disorders and for those with a hearing loss
  • Specialist teachers of the deaf – provide advice and guidance to families and children on the management of amplification and the development of communication skills in children with hearing difficulties