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 The Neuroimmunology and CSF Laboratory is open to all and providing a full service, we welcome your sample referrals. Please contact us if you wish to discuss referring a test.

If you are not already aware, as part of our continual update programme in consultation with our Neurologists, the laboratory has recently updated our CSF dementia marker panels to include new biomarkers and new ratios to improve diagnostic care. We have also recently introduced CSF neurofilament light chain assay (CSF NFL) into NHS use for all users. This is a very useful test, raised CSF NFL is seen in many neurodegenerative conditions and a normal NFL test can be extremely informative. All changes to service will be submitted as normal to UKAS as part of an Extension to Scope.

Improvement and change to the CSF dementia biomarker service

Please read: Important information regarding clarification of requests for dementia markers or CSF detection in body fluid

Neuroimmunology Laboratory:

The Neuroimmunology and CSF Laboratory at the Institute of Neurology, (University College London Hospitals NHS Trust) is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No.:8045. Activities currently accredited are described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found on the UKAS website here. It is located on the 9th Floor of the Institute of Neurology (IoN), adjacent to the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery (NHNN) in Queen Square. The laboratory is part of the Queen Square Division of Specialist Hospitals within the Trust.

The laboratory provides an analytical service for the routine examination of serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for the NHNN that includes triaging material between other laboratories within the Pathology Directorate. It forms a single of point of contact for all work carried out on CSF within NHNN.

In addition, the laboratory accepts and provides specialist analytical services and associated clinical advice for referring laboratories throughout the United Kingdom and abroad with on-going research programmes supplementing and continuously enhancing the service provision. The Laboratory is dedicated to the analysis of CSF and serum to aid in the diagnosis of neurological diseases such as inflammatory demyelinating disorders and dementia and provides a specialist autoantibody service for immunological disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous system.

Our user handbook provides contact details for the laboratory, sample requirements, a list of full current test repertoire, methodology, and reporting times.

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Professor Michael Lunn Neuromuscular disease, Neuroimmunology, Pathology
Dr Michael Zandi Neuroimmunology, Neurology and neurosurgery

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Neuroimmunology & CSF Laboratory, Room 917, 9th floor, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG

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Telephone:020 3448 3812
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Laboratory manager/ Consultant Clinical Scientist - Dr Melanie Hart
Telephone: 02034484198

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