Volunteers at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery 

The purpose of having volunteers in all the Trust Hospitals is to improve the quality of life of patients, and encourage the involvement of the local community in their healthcare provision.

Volunteering at NHNN aims to help improve the patient experience within this very special hospital, by offering patient centred services and individual social-based support to patients, families and carers, all of which complement and support the excellent clinical care provided.

What can I do at NHNN?

Ward based volunteering

Many patients in the hospitals, particularly those who are admitted through casualty, or live outside London do not always have many visitors. Ward volunteers enjoy spending time with patients, and always have time for a chat; write a letter, read from books or newspapers, help patients access other services from the department, or just offer moral support. They can also be very busy shopping for patients who may need essential items and really appreciate volunteers being able to get toiletries, drinks, stamps, magazines and other things which they miss being able to get for themselves.  Ward volunteers offer practical support to the staff by helping patients who need assistance at mealtimes, or carrying out patient surveys.  Volunteers need to be friendly, helpful, patient and flexible.


The patients library is available to all in-patients so they can borrow books and spoken word CD’s during their stay. The service is available from the main UCLH site at Euston.  The Librarian can be contacted any weekday for patient's requests, and NHNN ward volunteers can take requests and deliver books and CD’s. Library volunteers should be interested in books, enjoy reading and talking about literature in general.

Day Care Centre

Here volunteers interact with patients to ensure that their day in the Centre is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  They assist staff at mealtimes and may escort patients to various departments as required.  Volunteers need to be friendly, pro-active and flexible.

Welcoming and guiding

The Hospital is located in several buildings within Queen Square, and can be very confusing to patients and visitors who do not know their way around. In order to help them we have volunteers to help direct, and if necessary escort people to the areas that they need to visit. This is particularly useful for people who have not been to the hospital before, and for those with disabilities.  Welcoming volunteers may also be asked for additional information about the hospital, or for local information, such as details about local transport, and shops, so it can be both a challenging but extremely interesting service, which is greatly appreciated by patients, visitors and staff. Volunteers need to be friendly, out-going and really enjoy being around people.

Complementary therapies

All complementary therapies are provided as an additional dimension of care, and in no way replace or conflict with any medical or surgical treatment, care or advice which is given by the Trust.  Instead, they provide help and support to patients through their journey of treatment in a variety of different ways, and are always dependent upon the patient's individual choice.

We are currently looking for massage therapists, reflexologists, and aromatherapists. All therapists need to have been fully qualified in their field for at least 18 months, be covered by their own professional insurance and registered with the CNHC.

Who can volunteer?

To be a volunteer, you need to be over 18 years of age and be available for a minimum of three hours a week for at least one year.

We do not offer work experience, internships or specialist clinical placements.

Want to know more?

Contact details

Telephone: 020 3447 9828
Email: uclh.volunteering@nhs.net 

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