Our ethos - headache service 

  • To provide timely advice and treatment for patients referred for a tertiary†  opinion
  • To work in partnership with patients and health-care professionals to provide community based care
  • To foster multidisciplinary co-operation between healthcare professionals
  • To strive to improve our knowledge of headache disorders through research
  • To improve awareness of headache

We are a dedicated specialist headache service based at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

We manage all headache disorders and provide a comprehensive range of clinical services ranging from telephone clinics to inpatient admissions for diagnosis and treatment. We offer a wide variety of specialist procedures including intravenous infusions of caffeine and dihydroergotamine, local nerve blocks, botulinum toxin injections, occipital nerve and deep brain stimulation.

We also work in collaboration with other specialist teams to provide joint clinical services such as paediatric transition and neuro-otology headache clinics.

Where feasible we prefer to manage headache disorders as much as possible in the community, empowering patients through education. We also believe in providing shared-care management plans to work in partnership with GPs. This approach allows us to provide wider access to our specialist services while also minimizing the time between referral and clinic appointments.