Biochemical medicine 

Four departments constitute Biochemical Medicine - AutoLab, Clinical Biochemistry (Molecular Urology, Steroid Endocrinology, Point of Care and Protein studies) located at 60 Whitfield Street (WSL) and Neurometabolism and Neuroimmunology located at Queen Square.

Over 3M of the commoner biochemistry analyses for hospitals within the Trust, the Primary Care Trusts and general practitioners are analysed in Autolab. This utilises state of the art pre and post analytical robotic and analytical systems supported by an advanced, rules based, laboratory information management system (WinPath).

Clinical Biochemistry undertakes very specialist analyses with referrals from all of the United Kingdom and Europe. The department utilises a range of modern techniques including HPLC, GCMS, FTIR, AAS, and PCR. The Steroid Endocrinology section is a designated Supra Regional assay service which also provides an external quality assurance scheme (EQA) to other laboratories in the UK and Europe whilst the Molecular Urology Unit provides a unique service for the diagnosis and management of hyperoxaluria. In addition the Unit undertakes renal calculi analysis as well as administering a calculi EQA scheme. Both Units earn considerable income for the Trust from referred investigations.

The Neurometabolic Unit (NMU) at NHNN provides a range of investigations for the diagnosis & management of mitochondrial, neurotransmitter and other related metabolic disorders which affect brain and muscle. The analytical techniques include HPLC, Ion Exchange Amino Acid Chromatography, Tandem Mass Spectrometry, UV/Vis Spectrophotometry and Blue Native Gel Analysis. The NMU is also the only designated SAS laboratory for Neurometabolic Disorders in the United Kingdom. The Neuroimmunology Unit undertakes a range of investigations upon cerebrospinal fluid utilising iso-electric focusing, enzyme linked immuno-assay, and nitrocellulose immuno-blotting and is a WHO designated centre for EQA of CSF analysis.

All Units within Biochemical Medicine are fully accredited by Clinical Pathology UK LTD; AutoLab (CPA # 2625), Clinical Biochemistry (#1173), the Neurometabolic Unit (#1370), and Neuroimmunology (#1839).

In addition to undertaking analytical work the Directorate is involved in a range of other activities. These include undergraduate and post graduate teaching, research (supporting over 100 active clinical studies) and audit.

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Biochemical medicine
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