Autolab - routine haemostasis/haematology 

AutoLab is a dual Haematology & Biochemistry laboratory which operates as a public Private Partnership between Sonic Healthcare pty (The Doctors Laboratory) and UCLH NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals Laboratories. AutoLab undertakes over 10 million analyses per year of Biochemistry and Haematological analyses.
A number of tests are carried out by the routine haemostasis/haematology laboratories. These include full blood count, ESR, sickle cell and glandular fever screening, malaria antigen testing, blood films and acanthocytes, coagulation screens (INR/heparin monitoring), fibrinogen and D-dimers (DIC screening). 

 Contact details

Autolab - routine haemostasis/haematology
Department of Haematology
1st Floor
60 Whitfield Street
London, W1T 4EU

Patient enquiries
Telephone: 020 3447 9885

Service manager - Debbie Mann