Functional Restorative and Female Urology 

Important Notice

The Female, Functional and Restorative (FFR) Urology Service at UCLH is a highly specialist tertiary service. Due to the current demands, the FFR unit will close temporarily to routine GP referrals and become a tertiary referral service only until further notice. We will continue to review referrals where the patient has already been assessed by a Urologist in secondary care.

We hope to ensure that those patients who require the specialist input of this service are able to access the service in a timely manner and that those patient whose condition could be managed locally in secondary care do not experience undue delay.

The accepted referral criteria will include the following conditions/procedures:

  • Urinary tract fistulae
  • Urethral and bladder diverticulum
  • Ureteric stricture/obstruction requiring formal reconstruction
  • Male and female urethral stricture
  • Recurrent/persistent female stress urinary incontinence following at least 1 previous stress incontinence surgery that has failed to respond to 3 months of PFMT (primary stress urinary continence which has failed to response to conservative therapy including 3 months pelvic floor exercises and the patient wants surgical intervention).
  • Recurrent/persistent female prolapse following one previous prolapse surgery that is unsuitable for management by vaginal pessary
  • Male urinary incontinence following treatment for prostate cancer that has failed to respond to 3 months of PFMT
  • Recurrent/persistent urge urinary incontinence following failure of medical and behavioural treatment that wish to consider botulinum toxin, sacral neuromodulator or clam cystoplasty
  • Female urinary retention that may benefit from intraurethral botulinum toxin or sacral neuromodulation
  • Complex urinary incontinence/functional problems seeking cystectomy and neobladder +/- Mitrofanoff reconstruction
  • Congenital course of urinary incontinence requiring surgical correction
  • Synthetic mesh and tape complications
  • We are unable to accept investigation only referrals/requests.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require further clarification.

Assistant General Manager - Alice Rickarby

The team consists of three consultant specialist (Mr Ockrim, Mr Hamid, Ms Greenwell) offering a comprehensive female and reconstructive urology service including primary, recurrent and complex urinary incontinence, prolapse, vesicovaginal and vesicourethral fistulae and urethral diverticulae management. Artifical sphincters and slings are offered for male patients with incontinence, and urethroplasty for men needing urethral reconstruction.  
The team has extensive bladder reconstruction experience and have a multidisciplinary approach to the management of neuro-urology, congenital bladder dysfunction, and chronic pelvic pain conditions. The unit is the largest neuromodulation service nationally.

Conditions treated

Incontinence, prolapse, bladder pain, bladder overactivity and instability, female urethral diverticulm, ureogenital fistula repair, neurogenic bladder dysfunction and neurourology.

Patient support services

There is a nurse practicioner associated with the team, Miss Julie Jenks. Miss Jenks run specialised nurse-led clinics, including acupuncture clinics, and can be contacted via the Female Reconstruction team PA on 020 3447 9210 / 020 3447 7080.
Miss Tamsin Greenwell Urological Cancers, Prostate Cancer, Functional Restorative and Female Urology, Urology
Mr Jeremy Ockrim Functional Restorative and Female Urology, Urology

 Contact details

Female urology and reconstructive urology
University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street
16 - 18 Westmoreland St
London, W1G 8PH

Patient enquiries

General enquiries
Telephone: Outpatients: 020 3447 9393
Fax: 020 3447 9303

Other information

Patient pathway co-ordinator for Mr Ockrim and Ms Pakzad: Nadia Yiannaki
Patient pathway co-ordinator for Ms Greenwell and Mr Hamid: Chidi Ogbonna

Telephone numbers: 0207 447 9210/0207 447 7080

Contact email: