Integrated antenatal service 

The Integrated Antenatal Service (IAS) at UCLH is an innovative and evidence based service that offers all women a comprehensive package of antenatal screening and care.

Antenatal care and screening is an essential part of maternity care for all women. We provide a comprehensive antenatal package that includes state-of-the-art ultrasound screening, specialist obstetric and midwifery clinics and we work in partnership with other services to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby.

Your antenatal care

Your antenatal care will be provided by our midwives with access to specialist services when needed. Our antenatal care pathway is in line with NICE guidance.

We are committed to offering you continuity of care. To achieve this you will be assigned to one of our midwifery teams. Find out more about our midwifery teams.

Your midwife will consult with you if you need to be referred to one of the following specialist clinics:

  • Antenatal classes (Parentcraft) - Antenatal classes (sometimes called parentcraft classes) can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth and learn to look after and feed your baby.
  • Maternity Fetal Assessment Unit (MFAU) – MFAU is an assessment unit where you will be seen by a midwife or doctor for problems that are outside of your routine antenatal appointments.
  • Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU) – The Fetal Medicine Unit is a team of highly skilled specialists that offer diagnosis and treatment of complications which may arise in unborn babies.
  • Maternal Medicine – The maternal medicine clinic provides care to women with either a pre-existing medical problem or a medical complication that arises during pregnancy. The clinic can receive referrals from your GP, midwife or the reproductive medicine unit.
  • Maternity Diabetes Services – The maternity diabetes service sees women with diabetes and thyroid disorders for preconception and antenatal care.
  • Multiple pregnancy specialist services – We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team (MDT) that offer individualised care for pregnant women and their families, when expecting twins, triplets or higher order multiple pregnancies.
  • Fear of Birth Clinic -The fear of birth clinic helps first-time mums and those who have already given birth overcome their fears – ranging from anxiety to full-blown phobia, known as tocophobia.
  • Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC) - Most women who have had a caesarean section can safely have a vaginal delivery for their next baby, known as vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). Our birth options clinic ensures you are prepared to make the best informed decisions for you and your baby.


Yana Richens, Consultant midwife

Yana Richens

Yana started her nursing career in 1979 and went on to pursue a career in midwifery qualifying as a midwife in 1988. 

Yana is co-editor in chief of the British Journal of Midwifery, consultant editor of African Journal for Midwives and editorial board member of the Nursing Standard and a member of the NICE expert advisory panel.

Yana currently leads on Public Health issues and spends 50% of her time in clinical practice. She runs a clinic for women who have fear of birth, which was the subject of her PhD. Yana is a supervisor of midwives and holds the position of honorary senior lecturer at City University. She was awarded an OBE for services to nursing and midwifery.

Internationally Yana is global advisor to the Royal College of Midwives providing midwifery advice in South Africa, Indonesia and India, working with Professor Dame Tina Lavender providing midwifery leadership advice in East Africa.

“Women should have a safe, good, birth experience wherever they live in the world”


Full consultant profile

Anna White, Matron: Outpatients, Antenatal Services, Fetal Medicine Unit, Birth Centre, Community

Anna is the interim matron for the integrated antenatal services.