Visitor information 

Coronavirus COVID-19 information for patients and visitors

Only patients and staff are allowed in our hospitals during this time.

Visitors will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please check the latest information before coming to the hospital on this webpage.

Information for visitors (who are allowed in exceptional circumstances)

Once authorised, we ask that the same allocated visitor should come into the ward, except for parents of a child who may alternate.

Visitors must be over 16, as we do not have suitable PPE for children.

You must pre-book your visit with the ward team.

All visitors will need a security ID badge during this time. Please contact the ward or unit in advance to discuss appropriate arrangements.

  • Once authorisation has been agreed in advance, you will be issued with a security ID badge on the day of your visit
  • When you arrive, please go to the security desk at the building reception who should have a list of names of those who have been agreed to visit
  • Security will ask you some questions and take a photo for your ID badge
  • You should clearly display your ID badge during your visit and hand it back to security when you leave
  • The ID badge is dated and only valid on the day of your visit (If you are an identified carer you will be given a different badge with a longer timeframe to reduce the need to complete this every day).

Visitor helpline

If you have any questions around visiting your loved one in our hospitals or ways to keep in touch with your loved one, you can contact our Visitor Helpline on 020 3456 4496 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Sunday.

We hope that this new service will help remove any anxiety you may have around visiting by answering questions such as:

How will I know if I can visit my loved one?

What should I wear if I am able to visit?

If I cannot visit, can I bring my loved one something they may need such as personal belongings?

Our helpline will also help reduce the number of incoming phone calls our clinical teams need to try and answer while busy caring for patients. 

The Visitor Helpline: 020 3456 4496

Available: Seven days a week from 9am to 5pm.

These pages are designed to enable our patients, and their family and friends, to plan for and get the most out of their visit to UCLH hospitals. They include information on: